Community mental health transformation

Since April 2021, all ICSs have received baseline and transformation funding to develop integrated models across primary and secondary care to support people with severe mental illness. This includes people experiencing psychosis, bipolar disorder, ‘personality disorder’ diagnosis, eating disorders, severe depression, and those with mental health rehabilitation needs, amongst others. This animation articulates the vision for community mental health transformation.

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) Mental Health Practitioner roles should reinforce this integration and ensure support in primary care for people with complex mental health needs. PCN leads should work with mental health providers in their area to discuss potential scope for these ARRS roles and get involved in their local transformation.

A proposed 4 week wait standard for adult community mental health services is under public consultation, which could be used to track the impact of this transformation. Primary care colleagues are invited to respond to the consultation by 1 September 2021.