Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals and the Shielded Patient List

As requested in letter of 2 November, practices have been asked to urgently review children and young people currently on the Shielded Patient List (SPL) as per RCPCH guidance. We have developed a flow diagram to support GPs in completing this process, which can be found on the on the FutureNHS platform. We hope that this is a useful resource and helps to address any questions related to the prompt completion of this task.

We would also like to remind GPs and practices to add adults with Down’s syndrome to the SPL if you have not already done so and ensure they have been made aware of their highest risk status. Guidance is available on how to do this, as outlined in the 2 November letter.

When adding individuals to the SPL, please check that patient contact details, including email addresses, are up to date. This helps us to communicate quickly with patients on the list to make sure they always receive the right advice. We would like to thank you for your work in continuing to identify and support those at highest risk.