Changes to fracture clinics at BHRUT

In response to recent changes due to Covid-19 outbreak, we have made some changes to the way we run our fracture clinics. All patients referred to our telephone fracture service will be triaged by an orthopaedic consultant and receive a telephone appointment first. Please advise your patients that this first appointment will always be a telephone review. 

Thereafter we will determine ongoing need for face to face reviews and arrange this according to their need. Some patients will be able to be discharged directly after this consultation when given advice and support, some will have further investigations arranged and some will need face to face review. Our early results show around 40% of cases can be safely managed with thorough advice without the need to be seen face to face.   

Please be aware, we are still accepting referrals as normal for all urgent fracture and soft tissue injuries in need, but have changed the way the cases are received and managed. I have attached a flow chart for your reference. This new system allows us to both avoid unnecessary attendances and offer a more bespoke onward care plan according to their individual needs. 

  • Please send referrals to the email address below with a clinical handover and patient details, so we can add to our system and arrange an initial telephone consultation.
  • It is important that we have a clinical handover as our results show that over the last 3 weeks we have received only x-rays. It can be very difficult and unsafe for us to assess the patients without some clinical history. Please note, if we do not have clinical handover, we are unable to safely triage and treat as we are not physically able to assess the patient. Clinical accountability for example for VTE risk, skin integrity, and neurological assessment and so on still needs to sit therefore with referring clinician.
  • You can use the telephone fracture clinic referral template attached to your request for opinion this will allow us to more safely plan on-going care. This can be hand completed and scanned if easier. We can attach this as a document to the referral for viewing in the clinic.
  • Outcome of all appointments (telephone and face to face) will continue to be dictated and sent in letter/email to GP and patient after review.