Bugs, babies and basics GP training event

Dear Colleagues,

We are resuming the BHR Academy GP Updates from BHRUT and will hold the next event which will be virtual on 17th July (Saturday) via MS Teams (9.00am -12.15)

The topics for this is are:


TB Update                                                     Pira Saravanamuthu       (Respiratory Consultant)

Obstetric for GPs Update                            Kathryn Tompsett            (Obstetric Consultant & Clinical Lead)

H pylori & Dysphagia                                   Sergio Coda & Gaurav Kumar              (Consultant Endoscopist & BCSP Director) & (ENT Lead Consultant )                                       

Paediatric Diabetes                                     Kaushik Banerjee             (Consultant Pediatrician)

HIV Update                                                   Athavan Umaipalan        (HIV Lead Consultant)       

Rapid Diagnostic Centre (No specific symptoms)Luigi De Michele         ( Consultant Physician for RDC)          

Registration is via email and a certificate with 3 CPD points approved by our DME will be sent by email subsequently on attendance.

This is for all of Primary Care & Secondary Care including trainees and early registration is vital as there is a maximum number that is allowed on the MS Teams platform. Please encourage your juniors to attend as well.

Please register with the following email address Vicky.diosee@nhs.net