BHRUT's update - 15 October 2021

This update welcomes Rt Hon. Jacqui Smith (new Chair in common for both our Trust and Barts Health) and the hosting of three virtual public listening events.  

Weekly update archive

29 September - different departments working together and the recruitment of patient partners.

22 September - Joint publication with Barts Health 'Closer collaboration' and gives a detailed introduction to the document.

13 September - BHRUT's Chief Executives board report, refreshing their clinical strategy and ask stakeholders to complete the survey on delivering services.

8 September - welcomes Sir David Sloman who cut the ribbon on their surgical robot and an update on Critical care investment.

2 September - Fraility units and Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC), the temporary closure of the birth centre at Queen's. Invites you to join their AGM.

26 August - introduces Matthew Trainer BHRUT's new CEO which included the Have our say on our hospitals and services survey.

9 August - new resources available from NELHCP covering common illnesses such as diarrhoea and vomiting, and the trailing of a new stroke app.

3 August - expansion of the Ultrasound department at King George and Urology super clinic.

28 July - Launch of the Rapid Diagnostic Centre, completing 51 hip and knee replacements in five days.

21 July - chair in common appointed

15 July - CE report July 2021

9 July - Permanent CEO appointed

24 June - This week's edition talks of the successful mass vaccination event at the London Stadium and the launch of their Patient and Carer experience strategy 2021-2025.

16 June - Mass vaccination event at the London Stadium, temporary service relocation and the appointment of a lead medical examiner.

10 June - launch of 'e-stroke' software which uses Artificial Intelligence to improve diagnosing a stroke and the launching of a volunteer programme

02 June - announces the 24 hours a day, seven days a week opening of the children's EDs at both KGH and Queen's hospitals, and additionally the opening of a CYP Assessment Unit at Queens.

24 May - Closer collaboration between BHRUT and Barts Health group and the opening of the Mile End Early Diagnosis Centre.

17 May - The next step of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, announces the opening of the Frailty unit at Queen's and the restarting of planned surgery at KGH

10 May - This week's edition shares the Chief Executive's board report.

6 May - Talks of the one million Covid-19 vaccinations that have been given in north east London and how the Thank you week was a great success.

27 April - This edition talks of closer working with Barts health under the umbrella of the north east London integrated care system. BHRUT has dedicated this week as 'Thank you week'.

20 April - National study on paediatric diabetes and CV-19.

29 March - opening of the Point of Care Testing (POCT) hot lab and the opening of a new innovative Early Diagnosis Centre at Mile End Hospital.

23 March - opening of a new endoscopy room and KGH being designated a vaccination centre.

16 March - Children's ED at KGH will remain closed between 9pm to 9am until Monday 7 June 2021 and the children's blood booking service has moved online.

3 March - measures to keep BHRUT safe, adapting the ways in which services are provided and the relocation of the UTC at KGH and improving the CYPAU.

23 February - Restarting of the endoscopy services at Queens and reminds stakeholders that the service updates page on their website provides the latest information.

15 February - Ben Morrin, Deputy Chief Executive celebrates BHRUT's staff, shares patient's stories and announces the re-opening of the Birth Centre Queen's hospital.

8 February - Lateral flow testing to vulnerable patients including those with cancer and the resuming of services that was paused when the virus was at its most virulent

3 February - newly expanded Rapid Access and First Treatment area nad the pre-operative assessment move to Goodmayes.

26 January- vaccination hub at King George Hospital, shares the link to Redbridge Local Authority's public meeting which was held last week and the role of BHRUT's Chaplin.

18 January - Sharing the experiences and successes of the staff within BHRUT and the launch of the King George vaccination hub.

11 January - increase in critical care capacity to around 80 beds and the increase in acute and general beds by 80. The converting a frailty unit at KGH into an Oxygen Receiving Unit.

5 January - joining of two new senior members of staff Ben Morrin from UCLH as Deputy Chief Executive and Steve Rubery from BHR CCGs who will be working along side the Operations team.

30 December - copy of message sent to BHRUT staff

21 December - postponing non-urgent operations and face to face outpatient appointments.

16 December - Opening of the vaccination hub at Queen's

7 December - keeping patients safe, workforce and the Digestive Diseases Centre

2 December - BHRUT's new Chair and the CV-19 vaccine rollout.

23 November - BHRUT's finance, Developing integrated frailty services, IPC and the second wave of Covid-19, planned elective care.

16 November - Changes to the visitors policy and the vaccination programme. 

10 November - Temporary changes to the paediatric ED at King George Hospital, Homefast discharge pathway

26 October - Step down of Chair Joe Fielder and the new Chair will be Mike Bell 

19 October - Plasma donation, and a short video on what to expect when attending a BHRUT hospital for a procedure.

13 October - This week's update covers Queen's birthday honours

6 October - This update covered the Trauma and Orthopaedics team project, new assessment unit for children and young people

28 September - Chief Executive's report

21 September - new maternity arrangements and the restart of elective surgery at Queen's

14 September - changes to car parking, the reopening of the stroke rehabilitation ward at KGH and the Ventilator app for monitoring CV-19 patients.

7 September - adult safeguarding alert trial, opening of Holly George ward and support for BAUME colleagues.

1 September - blood testing, Emergency departments attendance and pods for virtual face to face clinics.

24 August - Women's health

17 August - Funding for the Emergency department, Ethos therapy and Plasma donation.

10 August - BHRUT supported parents with children on the neonatal intensive care unit.

3 August - Prorities, planned surgery at KGH and risk assessment.

27 July - resuming of planned operations, waiting lists, paediatric services and mechanical thrombectomy

20 July - reopening of the the frailty unit at KGH, endoscopies at Queens and the plans for the delivery of the gynaecology services.

7 July - 72nd birthday of the NHS, risk assessments for our BAME and vulnerable staff 

29 June - outpatients clinics at KGH and a summary from the Nursing, Midwifery and AHP conference.

23 June - Non-Covid services returning, BHR Health and Social Care Academy at KGH and recruiting staff.

15 June - Planned surgeries at KGH, visitors to wear face masks

8 June - Update on plans to re-introduce planned services, zoning arrangements at KGH and infection control.

2 June - Video of transformation at BHRUT during Covid-19, bringing back of services

26 May - Continued postponement of most routine appointments and the Chief Executive's report

18 May - International Nurses day, the introduction of a risk assessment and actions to safeguard BAME staff.

11 May - Examples of the changes that had been made to some of the services. 

4 May - Re-arranging and postponing outpatient apointments until 22 May, updated visitors policy.

27 April - Supporting the government's review on BAME communities

20 April - An update on the hospital discharge and 'Thinking of you' services

13 April - Information on the 'Thinking of you' campaign, the launching of a recruitment campaign.

6 April - information on staff testing, service moves and updates on outpatients, maternity and cancer treatment.

31 March - new visitors restrictions at KGH and Queen’s, changes to the way they are working and workforce updates.