BHRUT - ENT Hot clinic

The ENT Hot clinic is an SHO led service aimed at providing urgent treatment for people who do not require a Consultant led out-patient appointment. Only send appropriate referrals for this clinic, to , to check if a referral has been received, enquiries can be made to 01708 435000 ext 2734, 3747, 3744 or 3750. 

For referrals directly to Communitas, community clinic, please send to They are based in Westlands, in Hornchurch, 01708 205149. Communitas will accept referrals from patients aged 18 years and over. Patients who are referred to Communitas must live in the Barking, Havering or Redbridge Boroughs. 

An ENT SHO can be contacted on 01708 435000 ext 6425 for clinical enquiries only, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Referrals will not be accepted unless all patient details are included on this form and a Consultant has triaged and accepted the referral. The clinic is based at Queens Hospital, Team 2 out- patients department, Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm. 

This is an emergency clinic only and is not used for arranging scans or onward referrals and patients should be made aware of this during their appointment. This is not a Consultant led clinic so only basic, emergency, treatment can be given. No imaging or scans can be arranged from this clinic, no audiology and no onward referrals to consultant led (unless patient is being upgraded to 2WW).

Refer to ENT Hot Clinic 

  • Epistaxis/Nasal Cautery under 18 years of age

  • Bells Palsy (if within one week if older then no)

  • Otitis externa (constant discharging ear)

  • Nasal fracture for manipulation

  • Foreign body in ear under 18 years of age – except button battery which goes to A&E

  • Sudden Hearing loss (if within one week only)

Refer to Communitas

  • Epistaxis/Nasal Cautery 18+ years of age - refer to Communitas

  • Microsuction for ear wax or blocked ear

  • Foreign body in nose/ear 18+ years of age – refer to Communitas unless button battery which goes to A&E

  • Recurrent ear infections

  • Dizziness / vertigo / tinnitus

  • Allergic Rhinitis

  • Recurrent throat infections/tonsillitis

Discharge to GP for treatment or E-Referral to Consultant clinic via the online system

  • Sleep apnoea/snoring

  • Dizziness/vertigo

  • Cholesteatoma