BHRUT Endoscopy reports are no longer being sent by post

From today, Friday 17 December 2021 the endoscopy units for both Queen's Hospital (Clinical Diagnostic Unit) and King George Hospital (Juniper Endoscopy Unit) will be sending all endoscopy reports electronically to GP practices by email. The emails will go to the practice F code/discharge mailbox. This is the same inbox that clinic letters and discharge summaries are sent to.  

This is a copy for the GP and is what would have traditionally gone in the post but will now go by email. Email is the standard method of sending these reports across most ICS's now. 

There are some instances where there is a recommendation for Primary Care to alter medication like PPI or prescribe H pylori eradication and these will be sped up once received by email. 

Not only is this a more confidential way of corresponding but this is to streamline process and avoid delays of results getting back to the GP as well as our vision of going paperless where possible within the Trust. We can still send reports manually if requested.  Any suspicious findings or urgent reports will also be sent to the relevant MDT team to be discussed and managed as per the current process and to ensure we have safety netted our patients that may need further investigations, referrals, and management.  

If you have any queries, please contact the Endoscopy units directly via the following extension numbers; 

01708 435000 x2394 x3370 x3090 x3922 x3379 x2220 x3673 x3372