BHRUT - Breast U35 triage

BHRUT has been receiving a very high number of suspected cancer referrals since the media coverage on breast cancers. Whilst the breast service and clinical teams have worked very hard to put on additional weekend and evening capacity, they are unable at this stage to meet the referral demand to see your patients within 14 days. 

As approximately 97% of our breast patients do not have cancer, the breast service will be trialling for four weeks only a consultant triage where the breast consultants will triage and review all GP referrals based on the information you have provided and a nurse will contact the patient to advise them of the outcome and advise your patient of the date they will be seen within four weeks. The triage will be based on the following criteria. 

  • Patient has to be under 35
  • With Breast pain symptoms
  • No family history of breast cancer/lumps
  • No previous breast issues 

Please be assured the Trust has put in additional resources within the Cancer referral office and breast service team to manage any patients queries regarding this process and your patients will be given a contact number in CRO should they have any queries or their symptoms change. The Trust will also be responsible for safety netting these patients and they will continue to be tracked until they are discharged or treated.