BHR - Transforming phlebotomy clinics presentation

Tracy Rubery (Director of Transformation) and Jeremy Kidd (Deputy Director of Transformation for Planned Care) recently provided a very well received presentation at a Transforming Patient Experience in Phlebotomy Clinics conference on 30 November 2021. Tracy and Jeremy talked about the BHR phlebotomy pilot and shared learning on how other clinics can transform their phlebotomy service. 

The conference provided attendees with the opportunity to learn from outstanding practice in improving performance of clinics through understanding and improving efficiencies, with information delivered around how clinics can decrease DNA’s by up to 90%. 

The CPD (continuing professional development) accredited conference also gave those present an opportunity to network with colleagues who were also seeking solutions for how to eliminate appointment backlog and a chance to reflect on national developments and learn new ways to improve clinic performance. 

This was a fantastic forum for Jeremy and Tracy to share learning around the phlebotomy pilot. Jeremy said, “It was great to have the opportunity to showcase a successful initiative, which has been the product of effective system working, led by the CCG and which is delivering for patients”. 

Tracy and Jeremy firstly provided context about BHR and it’s population and then discussed the challenges faced in delivering the phlebotomy pilot, including changes in provision required and contending with COVID-19 throughout the pilot. Tracy and Jeremy provided a helpful steer on how such challenges can be overcome. 

They gave insight into what the future holds for the phlebotomy pilot and finished the presentation by placing an emphasis on the importance of effective system working, highlighting that the single biggest enabler to delivering success has been treating community phlebotomy as a system challenge and recognising that no one organisation can solve this challenge alone. 

Summarising their experience of presenting at the conference, Tracy said, “It was great to share with people our experiences in BHR, particularly given how far we have come!  The presentation went down really well and we had lots of questions on the day, so much so our session overran!  The overwhelming feedback was what a great service we were offering across BHR which was fantastic to hear”.