BHR - Nephrology Department at BHRUT is changing the way referrals are managed

With the goal of more quickly and efficiently responding to GP requests for consultant review The service you choose on eRS will change as a result. 

Currently the Nephrology Department runs two separate services - Advice & Guidance and Appointments.

These appear on eRS as two, site specific, services

  • Nephrology - General - Queen's Hospital Service ID : 3824660 (Directly Bookable & A&G)
  • Nephrology - General - King George Hospital Service ID: 222074 (Directly Bookable & A&G)

In future, the Department will run one umbrella, referral assessment service

This will appear on eRS with the name: 

Nephrology - Referral Assessment Service - BHRUT Service ID 7974970 Triage & A&D request

Creating a single entry point for all requests for consultant input streamlines the process for advice responses, triage and appointment booking - this will help the team respond as quickly as possible.  GPs do not have to choose between booking an appointment or requesting advice - although please flag in your referral commentary if you have a strong opinion on which you feel is required. The consultant will review all cases to consider whether advice or an appointment is the appropriate next step.

This change will take place on Friday 15 October 2021.