BHR - Mental Health service contacts for Barking and Dagenham

Update from BHR CCGs and NELFT

Currently mental health services are reconfiguring teams into business critical staffing. We are NOT changing the referral route for mental health services

  • If moderate to severe illness and risk, then refer to BDAABIT.
  • If mild to moderate, then self-refer to IAPT/Talking Therapies]

We do not want to lose our contact with local CCGs and local GPs. To this extent, we will share with you the names of the main Consultant Psychiatrists, which team they work for and the teams’ contact details for you to be able to contact Psychiatrists.

This is if you need to discuss any specific concerns in regards to clients already open to Mental Health Services

Barking and Dagenham Access Assessment and Brief Intervention Team [BDAABIT]

  • Dr Noor Siddiqui
  • Dr Meena Naguib
  • Dr Duoah

0300 300 1570 [Option 3]


Barking Community Recovery Service

  • Dr R Srikumar
  • Dr  Louise Nel

0300 555 1019


Dagenham Community Recovery Service

  • Dr Szymon Zimirski
  • Dr Steven Linford

0300 555 1021


Early Intervention in Psychosis

  • Dr Emmanuel Mandalakis

0300 555 1030


Older Adults Mental Health Services

  • Dr Mike Devine
  • Dr Padmini Suraweera
  • Dr Alvin D’Cruz
  • Dr Amber Selwood

0300 555 1016


Message sent on behalf of:

  • Dr Raj Kumar, GP Principal, Berwick Surgery and Clinical Lead for Mental Health & Dementia - BHR CCGs
  • Gavin Mess, Operational Lead, Barking and Dagenham Access , Assessment  and Brief Intervention Team Mood, Anxiety and Personality Psychology - NELFT, 0300 300 1570 ext:65451 [ Internal only]/ 07703608207