BHR - Local Incentive Scheme for People with Severe Mental Illnesses

As part of initiatives to tackle health inequalities, BHR has a Local Incentive Scheme (LIS) which aims to support an increase in the number of completed annual physical health checks for people on the GP SMI (severe mental illnesses) QOF (Quality and Outcomes) register. 

The LIS for people with SMI is arranged so that each practice receives £35 per patient with a completed six item health check per year, above a minimum threshold of 40% achievement. Payments to be made on a quarterly basis in arrears. 

Following changes to the QoF for 2021/22 and the inclusion of all 6 checks it has been agreed that the LIS should be revised to focus on follow up interventions and completion of a recovery care plan. The revised LIS has been discussed with the LMC and will commence in January 2022. 

The current LIS, which was rolled over last July, has been extended to 1 October and payment will continue to be made for all completed checks in the prior 12 month reporting period. 

The CCG recognises and thanks practices for the hard work done to undertake these checks, particularly given the challenges posed by the pandemic. The SMI physical health checks remain an important system priority and we will continue to give this work our full support. 

Please direct any queries regarding these changes to CCG Primary Care Mental Health Commissioning Manager