BHR - GP Nebuliser information

This statement is from the Paediatric Asthma team is following a recent incident that has recently been raised and investigated. We feel it is an important message to share with our local GPs: 

It is vital for BHR GPs to avoid the temptation of prescribing nebules for children with asthma from any parent making a request. Issuing nebules when not necessary or justified by appropriate specialist input is increasing clinical risk and potentially inflicting significant harm. Hospital nebulisers used by children and young people are driven by oxygen. 

One of the biggest risks for unauthorised/ unsupported home nebulisation is that they are air driven and can result in hypoxia. If a child or young person is unwell enough to require a nebuliser they need to be in hospital and on oxygen and assessed for this need. Any request from parents for nebules for children with asthma must  be checked with their secondary/ tertiary centres. If you become aware of any home nebuliser use for a child or young person that has not been provided with appropriate clinical support it is important that you take definitive action to support a safer and evidence based management of that child’s clinical care as this is a children’s safeguarding issue.

For any queries regarding this please feel free to contact the Asthma Team at Queens Hospital on