BHR directory of services

The new BHR directory of services has been uploaded onto each of the BHR GP intranets. This can be found as a header tab and was previously called ED Frailty directory.

The new directory will be maintained by staff at BHRUT who will be acting as champions, with a long-term view to access the directory through an app.

This also includes community services provided by LAs/NELFT/PCNs and voluntary sector.

Scope of Directory

• Non-inpatient services that the hospital front door can refer a patient to
• By hospital front door we mean staff that are operating in an ED or other UEC initial assessment area (ARC, PELC, Majors, EDU, SDEC, MRU, AEC, FAU, SAU etc)
• BHR internal services (e.g. advice lines, hot clinics, assessment units), and external services available in community
• Adult and child services
• Physical and mental health
• Health, local government, voluntary services

Exclusions: cancer 2 week referral services

Service information for inclusion:

o Service name
o Provider organisation
o Population served (Barking, Havering, Redbridge and/or other)
o 1-2 line description of service
o Location
o Opening hours
o Who can refer
o Any inclusion or external criteria
o How to refer (referral form and/or contact details)