BHR - Delirium community service pilot

The Delirium Pilot Project service (until September 2022) acts as a gateway for service-users presenting to acute Hospitals - Queens Hospital with symptoms of delirium. 

The  team comprises of two band 7 clinical nurse specialists. The service offers holistic assessment of the patient, carer and family’s needs, diagnostic and practical interventions (e.g. behaviour support). The team will also work with care homes to provide direct patient interventions and support and train staff. 

Our sources of  referrals includes; Primary Care, ED, the Acute Frailty Units, Community Treatment Teams and on discharge from hospitals (Hospital Discharge Service). 

Delirium is a sudden change in behaviour or mental state. This manifests in cognition, level of consciousness, perception, or physical functioning.. The person presents as disorientated, unable to focus or think clearly. This can develop within hours or days and fluctuate throughout the day. Symptoms get worse during the night when things look less familiar. Delirium is often a mistaken diagnoses of dementia, as delirium mimic’s some of the symptoms of dementia. 


Please complete the referral form and send to:   

Please state clearly this is a  “Delirium Referral” and whether Barking and Dagenham, Havering or Redbridge.