Barriers to registering new patients

Dear Colleagues, 

The Greater London Authority, on behalf of the Mayor of London, is urgently seeking to recruit general practice staff to participate in research exploring barriers faced by GP surgeries in registering new patients without proof of ID or address. Your participation will be invaluable in ensuring GP surgery staff experiences are fully represented in the work, and to contribute to developing recommendations for improved systems and guidance. 

The primary purpose of this project is to examine gaps and increase needed support to GP surgery staff to ease the registering of patients, particularly amidst the many competing demands and priorities currently facing staff in their day-to-day service delivery. 

To help understand these barriers and give voice to GP surgery staff suggestions, the GLA have contracted Carlson Consulting to undertake a series of focus groups and one-to-one interviews to map GP surgery experiences in registering patients without ID or proof of address. The results of these interviews and focus groups, combined with a comprehensive desk review of existing policies and best practices, will be used in a final report to the GLA providing recommendations for any additional staff support that may be identified, and guidance changes as appropriate. 

Carlson Consulting is therefore currently looking to recruit participants to take part in these interviews and focus groups. We would like to hear from GP surgery staff across London who are responsible for either setting surgery policies around registration, or putting those policies into practice each day (such as GPs, practice managers, and receptionists) to learn from your experiences and hear your insights

Participation is voluntary, confidential, and completely anonymous. Participants will be known only to the two independent consultants facilitating the interviews. Participant responses will be anonymised to ensure they do not contain any identifying information. Data will not be shared beyond the two consultants conducting the research, and will be destroyed upon completion of the project. Participation would last no more than 30-60 minutes, and will be conducted remotely via phone or Zoom. Timings can be arranged to be convenient for you. 

We are looking to start interviews on 7th February, and would greatly appreciate hearing from people interested in participating as soon as possible. For more information (including details on confidentiality, anonymity, and data security), and/or to state your interest and arrange a time to participate, please contact Mallory Carlson at

We understand the continuing and massive demands on GP surgery staff time and resources, and greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences and thoughts. Please do not hesitate to contact Carlson Consulting with any questions or concerns you may have.