#AskAboutAsthma Week – re-scheduled to 3-9 October 2022

This year #AskAboutAsthma week was postponed due to the period of national mourning. The event has now been re-scheduled and confirmed to take place next week – 3-9 October 2022.

Every year over 20,000 children and young people are admitted to hospital due to their asthma. Affecting 1 in 11 young people, which is around 3 in every London classroom. It is the most common long-term medical condition for children and young people.

#AskAboutAsthma week encourages children, young people and their parents and carers to understand how to best manage their asthma with four simple steps:

  1. Get an asthma action plan in place
  2. Understand how to use inhalers correctly
  3. Schedule an asthma review – every year and after every attack
  4. Consider air pollution and its impact on lung health – we also have a number of resources available on our website to support this

You can encourage conversations about asthma and help share the four simple steps to get even more people involved and informed to #AskAboutAsthma.

Throughout the week there will be webinars, podcasts, blogs, vlogs and a one-day virtual conference. Please note that all existing registrations to webinars and the virtual one-day conference have been moved to the new date so you do not need to re-register. All events will be recorded and made available on the #AskAboutAsthma webpage afterwards.

Find out more by visiting the Healthy London website.