Abuse of primary care staff and support available

Message sent on behalf of Will Huxter and Dr Helene Brown 

Dear Primary Care Colleagues 

We hope that this is a helpful and supportive email to you, in the midst of a very high workload. 

We have seen on social media and heard from both London Wide Local Medical Committee and ICSs that there are incidents of threatening language and verbal abuse in regard to the COVID19 vaccination programme. We are very sorry to hear about these episodes. It is always wrong to abuse our staff.  We know that you will have your local policies in place to follow regarding zero tolerance of abuse of staff. To supplement that we would like to share with you additional support that is available. 

NHS England » Wellbeing support options  If you click through this link you will find a wide variety of opportunities for support for all staff across all primary care roles and disciplines.

In particular there is a staff support line which is a confidential, operated by the Samaritans and free to access from 7:00am – 11:00pm, seven days a week. Call 0800 069 6222. This support line is here for when you’ve had a tough day, are feeling worried or overwhelmed, or maybe you have a lot on your mind and need to talk it through. Trained advisers can help with signposting and confidential listening. 

Alternatively, you can text FRONTLINE to 85258 for support 24/7 via text. 

In addition please look here too

Practitioner Health

GP Support (lmc.org.uk)

GP Wellbeing (rcgp.org.uk)

If there is more that we may do to help of support you please do let us know. 

Very best wishes 

Will Huxter (Director of Primary Care) and Dr Helene Brown (GP, Medical Director system Improvement and Professional Standards, Clinical Lead Primary Care and COVID 19 Vaccination Programme)