Wellbeing webinar series: Healthy habits and motivation

This is part of a set of six wellbeing webinars. Each webinar can be attended as a stand-alone event or as a series which will build upon previous strategies supporting you in developing an optimal wellbeing.

The webinars are free to attend for colleagues working in practices in the Londonwide LMCs area.


How we can successfully form healthy habits and why this is important for our wellbeing.

What is covered

  • Forming habits
  • Neurobiology of forming habits
  • Helpful habits that can transform your life

You will walk away with …

An understanding of specific, evidence-based skills, strategies, and exercises to support the development of healthy habit formation which can positively transform your life.

How to book

Delegates can book a place by sending an email to lead@lmc.org.uk stating the webinars they wish to attend.

Please visit their our website for more information. 

Date and time

25 May 2022
19:30 - 20:00